Beck in the snow - 19th August 2008
Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 12:36AM
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When Beck contacted me a few weeks back to tell me she was going to be in NZ for a week and was keen to shoot I was dubious to say the least.  Thing is I’ve had a couple bad experiences with Beck pulling out on shoots we had organised previously, however she seemed very sincere in her desire to shoot & it’s always good to give people 2nd chances when you can.  Well she exceeded all expectations, it was a cold morning with temps hovering around -5 to -10c and I can hardly recall a single complaint out of her.  Last shot of this set isn’t how I like to depict women.  It’s a bit objectifying and I like to shoot naked girls without trying to demean them in any way, but it was just shot as a pisstake and I think it’s good for a laugh, I had to really work Mikey to get that exaggerated Macho look out of him :)




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